Compare herbal remedies that treat the whole body side by side with conventional medicine that cover the symptoms.

The American Medical Association Journal statistics showed that more than 100,000 people die every year in American hospitals from side effects of appropriately prescribed medicine.

There is an enormous amount of medication prescribed every day. The authorities admit they have no cure available for many of the diseases that afflict people today. But they continue to mask the symptoms.

Synthetic drugs have many side effects. First of all, they are toxic to all of our bodily systems. Remember this when you see prescription drugs pulled from the market place after having carried the FDA’s seal of approval for many years.

Unfortunately very few doctors inform their patients of possible side effects. For nearly every drug prescribed there are enough side effects to fill a book the size of a dictionary.

Is it too much to ask that our doctors know more about medicine than what the pharmaceutical companies teach them. Is it unreasonable to expect a doctor to be knowledgeable, and skilled in the art of healing after eight or more intensive years of training.

Shouldn’t modern medicines focus be on the patient as a whole instead of just on the disease?

Doctors are beginning to recommend that patients try some alternative medicines such as herbal remedies. Meanwhile they prescribe more drugs, while you do the research to locate alternative health solutions.

Did you know that…?

1. The pharmaceutical industry grosses more than $100 billion annually just in the U.S.

2. About one-fourth of the prescription drugs in the U.S. are plant based.

3. There are more than 80,000 various plants used in the world today.

4. Herbal remedies are the main form of medicine for three-fourths of the entire world.

Many people are researching alternative health solutions today, while looking for some much needed changes in their health care.

The choices are many, including herbal remedies, acupuncture, tai chi, qigong, yoga, ayurvetic medicine, holistic, hydrotherapy, massage therapies, homeopathy and energy medicine.

Information overload is absolutely mind boggling, and there are as many conventional medicine choices as there are herbal remedies.

There is becoming a much greater demand for safe, efficient and cost-effective natural health care solutions over the past twenty years or so.

I know this is no news flash to you, but preventing disease is still much easier than treating it. This is where herbal remedies can help. Herbal remedies use botanicals, which are simply natural plants to treat and prevent illness.

More people are turning towards herbal medicines for healing different health problems because they desire a more natural form of health care.

The main reason herbal remedies are particularly beneficial is because they treat the cause of the disease, instead of the effect of the disease (the symptoms).

Another good thing about herbal remedies is that they have less chance of side effects compared to conventional synthetic medications.

In a nutshell, we have to take responsibility for our own health, and do our best to prevent disease. An ounce of prevention is truly still worth a pound of cure.

Medical Information Videos Can Provide That Push

Watching an informative video on any topic like medical information, dental information or alternative medicine information can provide you with that much-needed push. It can give you enough entropy and facts to help you make a correct decision.

When you are in distress, there is no reason to extend it when you can actually do something to feel better. Educating yourself about your medical condition is an incredibly good initial step to take.

You can watch medical surgery videos videos on surgery and remove fear of pre-surgery syndromes. Men and women who are about to undergo surgery suffer from anxiety and it affects men and women both in different ways. Some women may not even know its started, while others will go through agony, physically and emotionally.

This can also reason them anxiety and even be a trigger for panic attacks. Watching informative medical surgery videos will help you learn better since you can play them again and because its visual, you remember better.

There are also videos pertaining to children. Children can be taught about basic oral care by allowing them watch dental information videos. A concerned parent can learn and gain confidence by watching a quality video.

These medical information Videos Are for Everyone. Another tip worth citing is that these videos don’t have to be for the victim. They can be for anyone looking for quick, correct information, or someone who knows of someone who is suffering. Someone who is in distress will take particular interest in these videos, but due to its short length, its not an imposition or a ‘chore’ for someone who is not a sufferer.

These health videos are only a few minutes long but provide quality information. Sometimes, watching something can be better than reading it. This is true in the case of these video clips.

One of the most frustrating and helpless feelings as a parent comes when your child is sick and blatantly refuses to take the medicine that you know will help make her better. If you’re one of these parents and have a fickle child who will not take medicine of any kind, don’t panic. There are some creative methods that work.

My daughter is extremely sensitive to tastes and smells. It has always been difficult to get her to take any medicine orally, or even topically if it has any kind of odour. The only medicine she would take orally as a baby was gripe water because she loved the taste of it. Gripe water is given for the relief of minor stomach upsets such as colic, cramps, flatulence and hiccups and can be purchased at most pharmacies and health stores. I have taken advantage of this through the years and used it as an aid in administering some medicines to her such as an anti-nauseant or acetaminophen. Most medicines for children do come in a variety of flavours and forms including liquid, chewable tablets and suppositories. If you find one is not working with your child keep switching flavours and forms until you find one that he/she will consider taking. Here are some ideas that worked for me plus more great suggestions from other mothers I spoke to.

Liquid Medicine:

If your children run every time they see the medicine dropper try giving the liquid on a fun spoon that has their favourite character on it. Measure the medicine first in the medicine dropper and transfer it to their favourite spoon. If you don’t have a favourite spoon yet go on a special shopping spree and have them pick out the spoon they like. This puts an element of fun into taking the medicine.

If you are using the dropper, squeeze the liquid into the side cheek area where they won’t spit it out so easily. The roof of the mouth or on the tongue is highly sensitive to taste and touch which may cause the child to gag or spit it out.

Sandra, a mother of two children under the age of six, had this idea to share.

“My son always takes his medicine through a straw,” she says.

Sue has three children and has a hard time convincing her 10 year old son to take pills.

“He still refuses to take pills and will only take medicine in liquid form. This can get quite costly since he needs to take more of the liquid according to his age and weight.”


Suppositories are soft capsules which melt when inserted into the rectum. These can be a successful alternative if your child is unable to keep anything in the stomach. If your child is afraid of the suppositories try inserting them while he is asleep. If he is a heavy sleeper he won’t feel a thing. If he wakes up it’s usually after the suppository has already been inserted and the only thing left to do is to comfort him.

Chewable Tablets:

Chewable tablets are popular for the 2 – 12 age group. They come in different flavours and forms such as “softchews” that dissolve quickly in the mouth so the taste and texture doesn’t linger (or before the child has a chance to spit it out!). To help with the regular chewable tablets try giving your child a bit of fruit such as banana or strawberry to chew with the tablet. For older children who are learning to swallow pills eating a banana or taking a teaspoon of mayonnaise afterward will help slide it down.

Mixing Tablets With Food or Liquid:

If you cannot find a flavoured chewable tablet that your child will take try crushing the tablet and mixing it with a favourite food or liquid. Before doing this confirm with your doctor that the food/liquid and medicine can be mixed together safely and effectively.

Using a pill crusher (a garlic presser works just as well) crush the tablets and mix them into a desired food such as applesauce, ice cream, jello or pudding. If the colour of the crushed tablet mixed with the food makes your child suspicious, sprinkle some rainbow sprinkles (used to decorate cakes) on top for camouflage, or try crushing the tablets and mixing with a few drops of water first to dissolve. This mixture can then be added to a liquid such as gripe water, juice or water. When using a syringe, squirt the liquid into the side of the mouth and follow up with a favourite treat.

Treats & Sweets:

Children need to know there’s something good coming after the anguish of taking medicine. Theresa, mother of three, is thankful her children are quite cooperative when it comes to taking medicine.

“My oldest daughter, age 7, needs only a drink of juice or water as a chaser after taking her medicine,” she says.

Here are some ideas for chasers, providing of course there are no allergies:

* Teaspoon of honey (never give honey to a child under age two)
* Water or juice
* Gripe water
* Tsp. of chocolate sauce
* Tsp. of ice cream
* Chocolate milk
* Popsicle or freezie
* Ice cube (can also be used before to numb the taste buds)

Medicinal Information:

As a safety precaution, always check with your doctor on the name, dosage and strength of a prescribed medicine for your child before you give the prescription form to the pharmacist. Doctors’ prescriptions are often illegible so when the pharmacist fills the prescription, you can check the label yourself to make sure it’s right.

– relieves fever & pain
– comes in various forms including liquid, tablets (chewable & regular) and suppositories

– relieves hay fever symptoms, itch due to allergic reactions

– prescription medicines that kill bacteria

– relieves fever & pain
– nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug
– comes in tablet or liquid form

– prevention & treatment of nausea and vomiting
– comes in various forms including liquid, tablets (chewable & regular), and suppositories

– relieves nasal congestion
– sometimes used in combination with antihistamines to combat colds and allergies

Oral Rehydration Solution
– liquid containing water, sugar & mineral salts
– used during bouts of diarrhea and vomiting

Talk in Children’s Language:

Make the medicinal process into a game or story. One mother wisely used this method to her advantage when she told a story to her son about what was happening inside his body when he was sick. The story was about how a superhero (the medicine) used his mind and weapons to fight against the enemy (the virus) and won.

The 1 2 3 counting method can also be useful. Counting gives a child some time to get mentally ready to take the medicine. By the time you get to “3”she knows it’s time to take the medicine.

Another mother tells about the playful way she gives medicine to her son. “I tell him to hold his nose, open his mouth and close his eyes. It works every time!”

Finally, don’t forget that timing is everything. Avoid giving children medicine when they’re over-tired. Children become very unreasonable when they’re tired and administering a medicine they dislike may become an impossible task. Matching up good timing with some of these creative methods, and lots of love and patience, will help the medicine go down and give you peace of mind.

Cancer cure medicine – is there such a thing? Well not being a doctor, I can’t give you the medical facts, however haven’t you ever wondered how people you hear about have managed to beat their illness? And what about those people you hear about who have only been given months to live, and are living illness free years and years later with a doctor unable to explain how the illness went away? You know there is more to the story than what meets the eye.

As I see it, there are two roads a person can take. The first is the road where the doctor says “this is the way it is etc etc”, and you accept it without questioning it. The second is to open your mind to the possibility that maybe there is another side to things that your doctor has not told you about, and quite possibly does not even know about. Imagine if there was such a thing as cancer cure medicine (and I’m here to tell you there is such a thing) but you chose to just accept whatever you were told and went off to curl up somewhere with your illness and whatever consequences the illness brought upon you. Don’t be a victim here. Know there are options.

I have seen first hand, two such methods that could be described as cancer cure medicine. I watched someone close to me with a terminal disease called bell’s palsy who was given only months to live, defeat the disease, and go on to live a very happy life. That was over 10 years ago. Her doctors have no idea why the tumor in her head shrunk “for no apparent reason” and one day just disappeared completely.

I also have a relative who was given 2 or less years to live with cancer. He in fact went down the road of what I call the other cancer cure medicine that I have seen work first hand. He is now cancer free, and his doctors are bewildered by “how he did it”.

I know from what I have seen and witnessed, that there is such a thing as cancer cure medicine. The two methods I have mentioned were used independent of each other by two different people who do not know each other at different points in time. They do not have to be used in conjunction with each other. Let me explain.

Before I reveal these methods, let me just remind you that pharmaceutical companies make millions upon millions of dollars every year. The cost of conventional cancer treatments is enormous. The government also benefits along the way. You may have even heard stories about alternative cancer cure medicine information being suppressed from the general public. You can decide for yourself why that may be, or why clever people with such information can just “disappear” overnight and never be heard from again as far as their info goes.

I believe if you or a loved one have cancer, you owe it to yourself or to that person to at the very least, investigate every possible cancer cure medicine report available, then you can make an informed decision. There would be two outcomes. Outcome one would be it didn’t work and you are no worse off than before. Outcome two would be that it did work and you are now the happiest person alive, and determined to make sure other people who are suffering know about it. Now imagine if you didn’t even bother investigating further, and you found out later that the information and proof hidden from public knowledge did in fact work, but it was all too late for you. You know you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to at least open your eyes and mind and investigate further.

The first cancer cure medicine I mentioned is nothing more than something you can most likely buy at your local shopping mall. It can be quite dangerous if not used correctly, so for this reason, I will not mention the name of the product, however it is something most people would never usually use for this purpose. I would not want anyone racing out, buying it and using it incorrectly, which could easily lead to a death. I will leave it to the experts to describe it’s use correctly. The point here though, is there is an alternative. There always is.

The second cancer cure medicine I talk about that I have seen work beyond all doubt, is the use of belief. Now I’m not talking about belief in God or religion or anything like that. Do you know that your subconscious mind accepts blindly whatever your conscious mind tells it. Haven’t you ever wondered how people who believe they have split personalities’ eyes can change colour as they “become” the other person? Or how people under hypnosis when their subconscious mind is being accessed directly can love the taste of an onion when they are told it is a lovely apple, or how their blood pressure can be lowered when they are told they do not suffer from high blood pressure. There are so many examples like these out there. The proof is there. Your body can heal itself if your subconscious mind believes it can. The trick is getting it to believe it. Once again, not wanting to wander into dangerous waters as a non-expert in the field, I will leave it to the experts to explain further if you wish to know more.