Cancer cure medicine – is there such a thing? Well not being a doctor, I can’t give you the medical facts, however haven’t you ever wondered how people you hear about have managed to beat their illness? And what about those people you hear about who have only been given months to live, and are living illness free years and years later with a doctor unable to explain how the illness went away? You know there is more to the story than what meets the eye.

As I see it, there are two roads a person can take. The first is the road where the doctor says “this is the way it is etc etc”, and you accept it without questioning it. The second is to open your mind to the possibility that maybe there is another side to things that your doctor has not told you about, and quite possibly does not even know about. Imagine if there was such a thing as cancer cure medicine (and I’m here to tell you there is such a thing) but you chose to just accept whatever you were told and went off to curl up somewhere with your illness and whatever consequences the illness brought upon you. Don’t be a victim here. Know there are options.

I have seen first hand, two such methods that could be described as cancer cure medicine. I watched someone close to me with a terminal disease called bell’s palsy who was given only months to live, defeat the disease, and go on to live a very happy life. That was over 10 years ago. Her doctors have no idea why the tumor in her head shrunk “for no apparent reason” and one day just disappeared completely.

I also have a relative who was given 2 or less years to live with cancer. He in fact went down the road of what I call the other cancer cure medicine that I have seen work first hand. He is now cancer free, and his doctors are bewildered by “how he did it”.

I know from what I have seen and witnessed, that there is such a thing as cancer cure medicine. The two methods I have mentioned were used independent of each other by two different people who do not know each other at different points in time. They do not have to be used in conjunction with each other. Let me explain.

Before I reveal these methods, let me just remind you that pharmaceutical companies make millions upon millions of dollars every year. The cost of conventional cancer treatments is enormous. The government also benefits along the way. You may have even heard stories about alternative cancer cure medicine information being suppressed from the general public. You can decide for yourself why that may be, or why clever people with such information can just “disappear” overnight and never be heard from again as far as their info goes.

I believe if you or a loved one have cancer, you owe it to yourself or to that person to at the very least, investigate every possible cancer cure medicine report available, then you can make an informed decision. There would be two outcomes. Outcome one would be it didn’t work and you are no worse off than before. Outcome two would be that it did work and you are now the happiest person alive, and determined to make sure other people who are suffering know about it. Now imagine if you didn’t even bother investigating further, and you found out later that the information and proof hidden from public knowledge did in fact work, but it was all too late for you. You know you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to at least open your eyes and mind and investigate further.

The first cancer cure medicine I mentioned is nothing more than something you can most likely buy at your local shopping mall. It can be quite dangerous if not used correctly, so for this reason, I will not mention the name of the product, however it is something most people would never usually use for this purpose. I would not want anyone racing out, buying it and using it incorrectly, which could easily lead to a death. I will leave it to the experts to describe it’s use correctly. The point here though, is there is an alternative. There always is.

The second cancer cure medicine I talk about that I have seen work beyond all doubt, is the use of belief. Now I’m not talking about belief in God or religion or anything like that. Do you know that your subconscious mind accepts blindly whatever your conscious mind tells it. Haven’t you ever wondered how people who believe they have split personalities’ eyes can change colour as they “become” the other person? Or how people under hypnosis when their subconscious mind is being accessed directly can love the taste of an onion when they are told it is a lovely apple, or how their blood pressure can be lowered when they are told they do not suffer from high blood pressure. There are so many examples like these out there. The proof is there. Your body can heal itself if your subconscious mind believes it can. The trick is getting it to believe it. Once again, not wanting to wander into dangerous waters as a non-expert in the field, I will leave it to the experts to explain further if you wish to know more.

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