Millions of people want to get into shape. The reasons for getting into shape are varied. For some, getting into shape means losing weight. Whether it’s a significant amount of weight or it’s losing those extra pounds put on during the holidays, many people try to get into better shape solely for dropping weight. There are other people that simply want to improve their fitness. It may be for preparing to participate in an athletic event, such as a competitive run or to just look and feel better than they currently do. Whatever the reasons, these are all powerful motivators when it comes to getting fit. However, it’s important to know how a person should go about getting in better shape.

Diet is vital in regards to a person’s quest to get in better shape. However, diet will only go so far. To really ratchet a person’s efforts, exercise is imperative. Some people chose to hit the local gym and others like to exercise at home. Regardless, if a person is looking to use an exercise machine to help them get fit, an elliptical machine is often the best choice for the cardio portion of a workout.

There are many benefits to an elliptical machine over other cardio machines. For example, elliptical training is low impact. Unlike a treadmill, people with knee, back or neck problems can still get an excellent workout without injuring themselves.

Another benefit is an elliptical machine incorporates both the lower and upper body. This gives a person a total body workout that exercises the arms, shoulders, chest, back as well as the upper and lower legs. Treadmills, exercise bikes and spinning machine simply can’t boast the same.

Lastly, when it comes to burning calories, elliptical machines are king. While calorie burn can be 200 to 250 calories burned with 30 minutes on a treadmill, the average calorie burn on an elliptical machine can easily be 400 per 30 minutes.

Whether you invest in a home elliptical machine, or you use one at a gym, it’s an excellent way to build energy, improve stamina, exercise your heart and burn calories. When it comes to machines that help you get in shape, an elliptical machine is hard to beat.

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