It’s unfortunate, but most people either know someone who is struggling with substance abuse problems or are themselves addicted. There’s nothing good about this situation, but it’s become part of life for too many families. Many become addicted to drugs, alcohol or both at much too young an age. Others develop an addiction to opioids because of a chronic, painful injury or illness.

This problem has been described as an epidemic. No part of the nation is immune, from the smallest village to the largest city. It’s easy to become addicted, but the lifestyle is tough. Dealers aren’t nice people. The gangs who sell to dealers are vicious and depraved. It’s often necessary to steal or worse to get cash for drugs. Alcoholism is terrible and destructive, but at least it isn’t necessary to deal with criminals to buy a cheap bottle of whiskey.

Effective Substance Abuse Treatment Takes Longer Than a Month

Treatment has to be long enough to deal with the underlying issues that resulted in addiction. Thirty days isn’t long enough. The U.S. National Institute on Drugs has said that it takes a minimum of 90 days for a full recovery.

Thirty days gets someone through the detoxification process, but isn’t long enough to break old, self-destructive habits and form new ones. It’s necessary to understand and deal with the issues that led to the use of drugs or alcohol. Covering up and numbing out didn’t make those issues, whatever they are, go away.

Discover the Person You Were Meant To Be

Long-term substance abuse attacks the inner core of a person, but has not obliterated the person you were meant to be. However, that inner person is fragile and damaged. It takes time and courage to face life head-on, without chemical barriers. It’s not unusual to try and fail, more than once. That doesn’t mean you are doomed to living with your addiction. It means that you haven’t been in the right kind of rehabilitation program.

The Best Long-Term Rehab Center

Beachway Therapy Center, located in beautiful Boynton Beach, Florida, believes in finding solutions, not temporary fixes. Most insurance is accepted. It’s difficult to make a commitment to a long-term rehab program, but the rest of your life is at stake. It won’t be easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is. A new and better life is waiting.

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